How to Join

How to become a Member of the Grand Rapids Farmers Market

Join now for 2024!

Meeting Dates:

  • February 5, 6 pm, online (contact Jane Jewett for Zoom link:
  • March 4, 6 pm, Trailhead Building at Itasca County Fairgrounds
  • April 1, 6 pm, Trailhead Building at Itasca County Fairgrounds

New members are expected to apply to join the market during a 2024 pre-season meeting in February, March, or April. We do have a process for new member intake after the start of the season, but be warned: it is a bit cumbersome. Contact Hannah Harling, market president, for more information:

You can get an application form  and other information by visiting the market, or from the market website:

The Bylaws cover what can be sold.
The Rules and Guidelines cover Market rules.

Product must be grown, gathered, raised, produced or created within 50 miles of Grand Rapids, MN. Art & Crafts must be created by the member. You can check the map if you are not sure about being within 50 miles.

No buying and reselling is allowed.

Members must comply with all state & federal laws and regulations applicable to their food products and farming operations and to applicable retail sales laws and regulations and tax collection requirements.

The deadline for all membership applications and payments for each market season shall be the date of the final pre-season member meeting of the year, usually the first Monday in April.

For the purpose of meeting the deadline the membership fees shall be the same as the previous year. ($125 in 2023) After the budget is determined for the new year if the membership fee has been changed (A) In the event of an increase the remainder shall be due from all members in 30 days. (B) In the event of a decrease the Treasurer will reimburse all within (30) days.

The annual membership fee will be set annually by the membership when the budget is voted on. Membership continues until first market day of the following year.

A daily fee will be charged for each space a vendor uses. ($12 in 2023) This fee will be determined by the membership when the budget is voted on

If you are accepted for membership… Fill out a Sales and Use Tax certificate of compliance (MN tax form ST19.) Read and Sign the Code of Conduct. Provide copies of any licenses you are required to have. (Please provide two copies of all paperwork.)

A canopy is recommended, and having it tied down, or weighted with 45 to 50 lb. weights on each leg is strongly encouraged. Please read this Canopy Safety 101 Guide from the Washington State Farmers Market Association.

Use our contact form if you need more information