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Bar Bell Bee Ranch

    Bar Bell Bee Ranch is an apiary that produces many varieties of honey including: Alfalfa, clover, basswood, buckwheat, dandelion, sunflower, and wildflower. We offer our honey in both processed and raw. We have honey comb and beeswax available also.

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Bear Country Honey

    Our honey comes in a variety of forms including raw, honey comb and 3 flavors of creamed honey – plain, raspberry and cinnamon. We also make and sell candles and have bee pollen available for purchase.

Phil and Martha Hanson   218-851-7194

Bickfords’ Gardens

Michelle and Tony Bickford offer a wide variety of produce as well as eggs and a selection of homemade jams, jellies, and pickles.

Bluebird Farms

Offering a variety of gladiolus, cut and potted flowers, produce, and hand crafted market baskets.

Boondock Enterprises


We are a family run farm that produces a wide variety of vegetables; including beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, greens, pumpkins, fresh herbs, gourds, beets, carrots, etc. We are also state certified in our homemade jams and jellies, fruit syrups, shrubs, herb dips, herbal teas, artisan mustard and all natural beauty products.

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Bryndlewood Gardens

    We are a small family farm located just 4 miles from downtown Grand Rapids, MN. We grow in multiple high tunnel greenhouses & outdoor gardens, using sustainable practices, to provide clean grown produce (meaning completely chemical free!) to our customers. The high tunnels allow us to extend our growing season so we can offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables, plants, and cut flowers early and late in the year. We’ve been members of the Grand Rapids Farmer’s Market since 2012 and love to provide high quality, delicious, home-grown produce to our local community.   |   Facebook page

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Fresh from Alicia’s Kitchen

Fresh homemade bread, cinnamon/caramel rolls, dinner rolls, other pastries as well as something for your sweet tooth!

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Greg Beier

New member in 2020! Greg specializes in things that are “for the birds” – and other small wildlife in your yard. Birdhouses, bird feeders, and adorable tiny picnic tables for chipmunks and squirrels!

Hannah’s Handmade Creations

    We specialize in hand crafted soaps, made with either lye or glycerin, and offer an extensive variety of bath, beauty and household products. Don’t forget to check out our baked goods! You can also find Hannah’s Handmade Creations on Facebook, Etsy and Ebay.

Hannah Harling  218-259-9786 

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Hartshorn Farm

    New vendors in 2020! Matt and Cherice Hartshorn offer a wonderful variety of products including plant starts, jams and jellies, and “purple produce.” They are first generation farmers who decided to start farming when they discovered there was such a shortage of local, fresh grown produce in the community and our schools. They grow a variety of vegetables (including purple varieties), apple trees, and make and sell jams, jellies, and apple butter.

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Homestead Ponds

    Coffee & tea. Organic certified mushrooms (spawn), pickled fish, smoked fish. Insured and inspected, HACCP certification, Minnesota Grown member, licensed by MN Department of Agriculture.

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Local, fresh vegetables and fruits – “As intended” from Cohasset, MN!
Jim and Vickie Azure   Cell 218-256-3084   Home 218-999-5207

Karl’s Bread

Breads: European artisan breads, ethnic breads, rolls, biscotti, bagels.

Kent Lorentzen 

Locally Grown Produce from My Farm along the Mississippi river located between Jacobson and Palisade plus crafts such as Mini Straw Bales, Oriole Feeders, Greeting Cards and My Photography.

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Lance Huebscher

Gladiolus and Produce

Lavalier’s Berry Patch and Orchard

    We have been growing strawberries and blueberries at our farm for about 40 years. Wow, that seems like forever ago! About 15 years ago we added fresh apples and cherries. In the fall we also have pumpkins and squash available at our farm as well as fresh honey from the 4 hives of bees we maintain for pollination. Our farm has always been a family effort with much help from our parents however through the years our brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews have also joined our team! We are members of Minnesota Grown and we strive to grow our produce using sustainable practices that maintain, and hopefully improve, the health of our soil. 

The correct soil nutrients will aid in most of your indoor and outdoor growing projects. At this time in our lives we are not trying to get bigger but we are always trying to improve the quality of our products.

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Maple Ridge Produce

    Our produce is grown naturally & our chickens are raised on non-GMO & transitional-organic feed. Stop by and see us at the Grand Rapids Farmer’s Market or visit our farm stand located near Aitkin, MN.

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Jay Rigdon & Erik Heimark  218-308-0929
Maple Ridge Produce
29555 380th Ave – Aitkin, MN 56431 
Instagram: @carrotsandwheat

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Prairie River Farm

Produce raised beyond organic standards – grown with care along the Prairie River

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Rock Meadow Farm and Gardens

Bedding plants, fresh vegetables, pickled products, jams, jellies, and bread.

Kristi Neary / Luann Grover

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Schmidt Farm 

Locally grown vegetables. Fresh from our garden to your plate.

Simple Pleasure Farms

Locally made goat milk soap, all natural products, which include: lip balm, lotion bars, and bug repellent. Variety of eggs!

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Singing Chihuahua Tacos

    Fresh from the grill…tacos, quesadillas and nachos. You build your own…choose from top sirloin, chicken or chorizo seasoned and cooked to order. Plus grilled or fresh vegetables, cheese or queso to top it all off! Try our blueberry-habanero salsa!

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Soldier’s Daughter Bakery

    New vendor in 2020! Owned and operated by Samantha Yang. Making delicious goodies like “Elvis Bread” (banana & peanut butter), S’mores bars, cinnamon bread, spent grain pretzels, and variety of cookies, pies, and cakes.

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Terri’s Jams, Jellies and More

    Berry and specialty jams, homemade salsa, fruit and maple syrups, locally harvested wild rice, wild berries and baked goods to include pies, breads (wild rice, wild rice craisin, cinnamon raisin swirl, focaccia, and cardamom), english muffins, bagels, cookies, sweet breads and more.

The Night Owl

    We specialize in green energy lighting concepts, for use both indoors and out, and offer a variety of hand made jewelry. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life or if you just want something fun for yourself, you’ll find that our recycled, re-purposed and handmade products are sure to please!

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TimberSweet Maple Syrup LLC

    Enjoy our pure maple syrup and maple products such as maple nuts, maple cream, maple sugar and candies. We won the 2013 International Maple Contest with 1st place dark amber syrup and Best of Show- best syrup in the world!  About the 3rd week of July, our fresh MN hybrid blueberries and raspberries will begin ripening. We have 12 MN apple varieties- great for fresh-eating, pie, and sauce. Our earliest variety apple starts ripening mid-August to September.

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Trout Lake Garlic

Fresh garlic, local wild rice, fingerling potatoes, cabbage. root vegetables, apples and herbs.

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Walter Zerebko

Chicken and produce

Wildlife Orchard Farm

New vendors in 2020! Rachel and Jayson Newman have a diversified farm that includes pastured hogs, sheep, cattle, chickens, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, and microgreens.

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WillowSedge Farm

Grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork and chicken, Thanksgiving turkeys, and wool products.

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    Handcrafted items for lawn and garden i.e. lawn furniture, planters, a variety of outdoor games and decor. Our specialty is satisfying your personal style and needs with our one of a kind creations!

Mike and Linda Claypool  218-301-9230

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